September 6, 2008 at 8:12 pm (Uncategorized)

Welcome to Dinner Table Taboos, where I’ll be discussing those three little things you’re not supposed to bring up in polite company – politics, religion, and particle physics.  Three things that most people don’t discuss, for fear of getting in a fight (or making eyes glaze over)… and three things that my family and I routinely discussed, whether over the dinner table, or in public.

This isn’t a news blog, or somewhere to go when you’re looking for the latest on the current shenanigans up in the capitol.  What this is for is putting my reactions to them up in a place where the people who don’t want to be subjected to them don’t have to be.  Who am I, and why should you care what I think?

Well… because this isn’t a news blog.  I’m not a journalist, I don’t want to be one, and while I do have an axe to grind I’ll make it perfectly clear when the ol’ wheel’s spinning.  I’m not blogging for the Democrats, the Republicans, the atheists, or the religious right… actually, I’m equally irritated by all of those.  I’m a gnostic eclectic neo-Pagan with a mild background in physics, Libertarian political leanings, and a job as an accountant making sure that your tax dollars do get put to work.

All of which is a long-winded way of saying that I’ve probably got a point of view on things that you aren’t going to find reading the Times.  If any of that appeals, then check in every once in a while – I hope to keep things interesting around here.  All I ask is that you keep things civil, and try to keep an open mind, especially if you comment on things.  If you want me to be willing to change my mind, it’s only fair that you are too.


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