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October 3, 2008 at 10:11 pm (Particle Physics) (, , , , )

For anybody actually following my Halloween Horror special, I’ve got a special treat for you, that might just help me blog a bit more regularly in the long-term.  I’ve signed up as an Amazon Affiliate (I know, me and everybody else), and so – especially for this little stretch of horror focus – I’m going to put up links to products that might be of interest.  Since the Torture Horror post missed out, let’s fix that, shall we?

While I can’t recommend the movies, the Sawathon sale is going on, and a great deal if you happen to be into the Saw movies.

Difficult to read, but a legend in many circles, The 120 Days of Sodom remains an early example of its kind – I know I said that Hell House isn’t for the squeamish, but compared to this, Hell House is child’s play.  Fortunately, this particular book contains several far easier reads of de Sade’s as well, if you find yourself wanting to explore his work without having to delve into what he himself considered his unfinished magnum opus. Though I suppose you could use 120 Days as a sort of impromptu self-diagnostic – if you can read through it without feeling at least a little uneasy, you really ought to consider talking to a shrink, just in case.

Finally getting to the things I can whole-heartedly recommend, we have The Legend of Hell House, the movie-version of a book I love.  The movie is far tamer than the book, but still a blast, particularly since it stars Roddy McDowall at (in my opinion) his best, as the tortured psychic, Benjamin Fischer.

And, for those purists out there who prefer the original, we also have Richard Matheson’s Hell House, both alone and bundled with I Am Legend. The book is far better than the recent film adaptation, believe me.

So – can’t wait to get your hot little hands on your new horror purchases?

Amazon Prime is the best possible way to ship with Amazon. It costs $79 a year, but if you sign up through that link you can get a free 1 month trial. With Amazon Prime, you get unlimited free two day shipping, and can upgrade to overnight shipping for only $3.99 per item. If you’re like me, you’ll make it pay for itself every single year – especially if you pick up any particularly large items. There’s nothing like buying a big new TV and getting it shipped overnight for four bucks to make you cackle like a witch.

The best part? You can even extend your Prime membership to four of your closest friends and family – all part of the cost! So if you don’t want to shell out the $80 yourself, see if you can talk everybody in your family/dorm/whatever into chipping in – it’ll pay for itself even faster!

Full disclosure disclaimer: Obviously, I make a bit of coin on any purchases through here. If you find the products cheaper elsewhere, feel free to buy them there – I’d rather you do, honestly. Except for Amazon Prime – you won’t find that anywhere cheaper, and I’d advocate for it even if I wasn’t making some money off anybody who signs up. Why? Because I’m a proud charter member of the service, and I’ve never once regretted it, even when I was a poor college student (when I made it pay for itself right away by proving that, yes, you can get that big TV shipped overnight for four bucks… and that no, it’s not a good idea to haul said TV across campus back to your dorm without a cart. Yeah… what can I say? I got in because of my ACT scores, not my athletic ability….)


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