Gmarriage: Part 1, Government

November 24, 2008 at 4:13 pm (Politics, Religion) ()

With thanks to the folks at the Sex is Fun podcast for coining the word.

I’m going to handle this one as a multi-parter, mostly in the interest of trying to get some comments/interaction on the subject.

Gay Marriage.  It’s the highlight of political campaigns, for and against.  It’s the subject of protests and rallies – for, and against.  Personally, I support it wholeheartedly.  A lot of people I know in my state don’t – it’s one of those that approved the whole ‘one man, one woman’ line.

Let me be the first to say that anybody vandalizing the property of or threatening those who supported Prop 8 should go turn themselves in now.  So lemme wait while you do that, okay?

*twiddles thumbs, plays a couple rounds of Gemcraft*

Hmm… oh, ready?  Good.  Now, here we go.

Gay marriage… what’s the big deal?  There are religious arguments against it, I’ll grant you (and more on those later), but I live in the USA.  In this country, we’ve got this little document called the Constitution, and it demands a separation between church and state.  So your religious arguments fall apart right there.

What good reason is there – governmentally – to deny gay couples equal access to health care that straight couples can have?  What reason is there to make it harder for them to inherit?  Why can’t two guys or girls sign the same piece of paper that a guy and a girl can?  I have yet to hear one compelling argument against gay marriage from a non-religious standpoint.  So if you’ve got one, please post it – I’d love to hear it, and to open up the discussion.  The comments section is there for a reason.

Next week, the religious end of things….


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