Not kosher… not even gentile….

December 17, 2008 at 7:48 am (Politics) (, )

All explained pretty well there, but let me emphasize that what’s happening there IS NOT LEGAL. It hasn’t been since the CIVIL WAR, and they haven’t ignored that law for *prison riots* for God’s sake, let alone for traffic enforcement. Like the author says – I’m sure that everybody involved has the best of intentions.

Just remember – the best of intentions make a real good highway to Hell….



  1. Marianne said,


    Go back and look at my response on that site. WE are preparing for war, not drunk drivers. The military is just lying about why they are there, to prevent panic. But the truth is, people should know, so they can prepare themselves.


    • wolfemann said,

      I’m afraid that I can’t find your comment there – might not have been approved yet. If you’re right though, then it really should be made public that they’re expecting something, so that people don’t think they’re breaking the Constitution over their knees.

      Or so that they know they’re *really* breaking the Constitution, alternately. Either way, this needs to be addressed – big time. It’s not just a California situation, either.

  2. Marianne said,

    Hi Wolfemann

    I just submitted it, so maybe it is not approved yet.

    Think about it. the Marines? for traffic issues?

    The west coast is being mobilized for an invasion, or attack, by Russia. Russia has made threats to the US to not attack Iran. Iran wants to destroy the USA and Israel, and Israel will fight back, or make a preemptive strike first. The USA has made threats to attack Iran, if it either attacks Israel or the USA. Russia will protect Iran, because Iran is a main source of oil for Russia. The west coast is an easy target for attack, being closer to Russia. So it would be attacked first. The east coast would take a different strategy, since it is further away.

    Israel is ready to attack Iran. It feels like Bush would support a preemptive strike on Iran more than Obama would, so if it has to act, it has to do so before Jan 20th. 2009, which is in the next month.

    I have had contact from people in Manitoba, Canada. Troops are being mobilized up there too. So this has nothing to do with drunk drivers. It has to do with the entire west coastline of North America. Russia, to invade, or attack, would have to come down through Canada to get to us.

    Between this, and a pending huge economic collapse, expect riots if not war, or both.

    Make plans to evacuate if you are in a large city. maybe a relative’s house far away in the country…..but do not panic…..just wait, and think hard, and act right, if something happens.


    • wolfemann said,

      The first thing that comes to mind with that idea, however, is the timing. They’re moving them out on 12/12 through the holiday season – that would be ending significantly before the dates you’re suggesting for this to happen, I’d think.

      At the same time – if that’s what they’re expecting, then it’s best to *say* that they’ve got reason to expect trouble around those dates, and that they’re moving people out to deal with it. Not to say that it’s training for the MP’s, and likely highly illegal.

  3. Marianne said,

    Well, one way or the other, it is for the next month. If it is just for the holidays, then the troops should disappear right after New Year’s Day.

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