Happy New Year!

January 1, 2009 at 6:07 pm (Particle Physics) (, , )

Okay, so not a full-blown ‘pissing somebody off’ post just yet, but that can wait until the year’s a bit further along.


Hmm.  So, 15 minutes watching a game and the hot men and women in it can give you body image issues.

Point 1:  Gamers.  Ladies and gentlemen?  Many of them *should* have body image issues.  I should know, we’ll leave it at that.

Point 2:  More importantly, this is a phenomenon unique to video games?  Oh, wait, it wasn’t… not until video games became the Great Satan.  It used to be magazine ads.  TV ads.  Movie stars.  Barbie, for God’s sake.  Now, it’s video games.  The issue isn’t the medium, it isn’t the people viewing it, it’s what’s being viewed.  Which brings me to….

Point 3:  Pro-wrestling games for the guys and beach volleyball games for the girls.  Come on – who *wouldn’t* get body image issues from watching either of those?  Chiseled guys, oiled up to emphasize their steroid-addled physiques, and bikini model?  Refer to point 2, people.


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