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Well, I promised something to piss off the liberals, so here we go.

Bush, in his recent press conference, said he was disappointed in not finding WMD’s in Iraq.  Thereby perpetuating the great myth of all the wrong-headed thinking about the war lately….

Namely, that Iraq had no WMD’s, and that the whole thing was a great big boondoggle meant to get at Iraqi oil (BTW – look how well that worked for us!)

This pisses me off slightly more than the continuing global warming ‘crisis,’ so I’ll go ahead and talk about it first.

The great lie of anti-war rhetoric, while dealing with the current Iraq War, is that Hussein had no WMD’s, and that we knew it full well.  I hold that he did have them, and we knew he had them, and some intelligence agencies believed he was preparing to create more.  While not all intelligence agencies agreed with this assessment, the decision was made to go in and take out the Hussein regime before he had a chance to prove them wrong, particularly since his chosen method for doing so tended to be gassing his own citizens.

Does this justify going to war without an attack?  I don’t know, and I’m glad I’m not the one who has to make that sort of call, unlike the hundreds of Congressmen who authorized the war.

Now, accepted wisdom is that I’m a total crackpot for thinking that – we all know there weren’t any WMD’s, after all!

Except that there were.

And I have a friend of the family who used to be in the Hazmat disposal units; while I got no details from him, I have it on his authority that there were a lot more that were found in various places throughout the country.  They weren’t trumpeted as examples of how we were right because we didn’t want to give anybody shooting at us an idea of where to look for more.

Now, after this was brought out, I heard some people making excuses about how they were degraded and weren’t dangerous, or able to be used in weapons anymore.

Tell that to the troops.

I heard some people say that it didn’t matter, because those WMD’s pre-dated the Gulf War.

But that’s not no WMD’s.  It is an argument that they didn’t have “stockpiles,” (though, given what the media sometimes considers an arsenal, I’d say it qualifies).  It is an argument that they weren’t actually ramping up to start producing again.  But it’s not “no WMD’s.”

I’ve heard some people say that it didn’t matter, because there weren’t any delivery systems.

Tell Tokyo that you need missiles to deliver Sarin gas.

Were there huge stockpiles of WMD’s just waiting for Al Qaeda to use when we went into Iraq?  No.  But there weren’t “no WMD’s” either.  That people continue to believe that is the case is one of the biggest boondoggles of the century to date.


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