Meaningless Steps Forward

March 18, 2009 at 7:43 am (Politics) (, )

Well, the UN is prepping a declaration of gay rights.  And, while they didn’t do it under the Bush administration, the Obama administration is planning to sign on.

On the one hand, and let me make this clear, I want to applaud the administration for doing so.

But I’d like to know what exactly this means, beyond “yep.  Equal rights are a good thing, fer sure!”  It’s a UN Declaration.  It doesn’t have force of law.  It doesn’t mean that DADT has been pulled.  It doesn’t mean that Prop 8 is being dropped.  It doesn’t mean that your bank can’t consider you a single income home even if you’ve been in a dedicated same-sex partnership for 27 years.  All it means is… we don’t think you should criminalize homosexuals.

It doesn’t *make* them stop doing it.  It doesn’t apply sanctions for doing it.  It just says ‘we don’t like it, and we think you should stop.’

A little more substance in the gay rights support, please?  Like maybe taking a few steps to clean up *our* back yard along with it….


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