Lemon laws?

April 1, 2009 at 8:07 am (Politics) (, , )

What Washington’s up to….

So.  If I buy a car and it turns out to be a lemon, I can take it back to the dealership and get a better one.  I wonder if I can do the same with congressmen?

Though I suppose I didn’t buy this group (that was the left’s job).  Folks… I know some people will think that’s reasonable, but consider what it *means*.

If you’re an employee at one of these companies, Tim Geithner’s your HR man.  He does your ultimate performance review, and decides your salary – and if you had a contract before, sorry, you don’t deserve that.

But that’s not the most dangerous part.  The dangerous part is the precedent this sets.  The government can just go ahead and declare itself the ultimate employer?

What would *you* say if you watched the evening news and found out that your congressman had decided that, no, you weren’t *their* bosses (having decided to hire them), but that they were *yours* (having passed a law that says they decide if they want to keep you around.)

This isn’t right.  This isn’t a democratic move – it’s the move of a dictatorship in the making.  I just hope the Senate (or, if not them, the President) sees this for what it is, and actually kills it the way they did those 90% taxes on AIG (and others).


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