My Hero of the Month

April 30, 2009 at 3:07 pm (Politics) (, , )

My nominee for hero of the month?  A 17 year-old girl.

Did she save a life?  Quite possibly.  Did she face great odds?  Most definitely.  So what did she do?  And how did we not hear about this heroic act?

Well, maybe you did.  The problem is, it got slated for the “news of the odd,” usually reserved for the back pages.

Why do I call her a hero?  Because in this day and age, when the advice is to be a good witness and not fight back, when assorted groups are doing their damnedest to disarm law-abiding citizens… she protected herself.  And she did it with what she had at hand.  If she’d followed the conventional wisdom of the day, she’d have been lucky if she’d escaped with alive… luckier still if she’d only been robbed.  She’s ably demonstrated the main reason I walk with a cane, especially in areas I’m not comfortable.

And so I’m naming this girl, from LA County in California, my hero of the month.  Because she had the guts to fight back, and protect herself, rather than being a good little sheep asking the wolves to kindly see their way to only taking a leg.


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