Ah, change….

June 17, 2009 at 7:16 am (Politics) (, , )

“Change you can’t believe in” is becoming a depressingly common observation about the new administration, when you look at what it’s actually doing. The interesting part is that the lefties are finally recognizing it.

While I’d normally be thrilled to see that the administration isn’t acting on its promises, they’re picking a lot of the wrong promises to back off on. Bankrupting the coal and power industries, putting tens of thousands of people (conservatively) out of work? Full steam ahead, with our current EPA moving towards a ruling that they can regulate CO2 (ie, your right to exhale).

Gay rights, including DADT? Well, no, we won’t really put any effort into it, but here – we’ll give federal employees partners benefits. Never mind that that only benefits a small fraction of your number, they’re the ones who can complain to me directly, and isn’t it spiffy? For the record, my own state governor recently made basically the same offer. I’m equally as impressed by his bravery in the face of stalwart opposition from his own party (remember – the ones who are *supposed* to be in *favor* of gay rights) as I am by Obama’s.

IE, not at all. There’s a reason folks are calling it a consolation prize – politically, the LGBT community loses, but they don’t want us to go home mad. His DOJ is even picking some of the most offensive arguments to *protect* the DOMA and DADT movements he suggested he’d work *against* during the campaign.

Those bailouts and wars and surge tactics that were such a bad idea? Yeah, he supports those too, now. Along with most of the Democrats who were supposed to be against those sort of policies. Mind you, while the 32 Dem’s who voted against them are brave supporters of right-thinking policies, the Republicans who voted against them are all wrong-thinking obstructionists, just in case you were worried that doing the right thing while being a right-winger wasn’t still a greater sin than doing the wrong thing while being a left-winger.

Y’know, I’m starting to think that this *isn’t* change you can’t believe in. It’s business as usual, from (The) One more political hack in a long string of ’em.


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