Carpenter’s Thesis

October 16, 2009 at 2:14 pm (Particle Physics) (, )

Okay, something a little bit different for this week… what I call Carpenter’s Thesis, a viewpoint expressed in the original Halloween.

“Every small town has a story like this one.”

What he meant was that every town, every city, every place has its little nightmares.  It has a little horror story of its own.  I spent most of my life in Watertown, a quiet little town in Wisconsin… that had a major exorcism case in the past, and that’s not even starting on the things I haven’t heard about.

I went to school at UW Whitewater… just a block or two away from a supposedly haunted graveyard, and practically on the property where a woman poisoned her husband, and tried to poison her children, with strychnine in an attempt to hook up with her lover (who, interestingly, was from Watertown… hmm….)

Not all the stories are real ones, of course – for example, I really don’t think there was a coven of witches conducting dark rites around the water tower just to the north of my dorm room.  But these stories are still fun – the campfire tales that you know aren’t true, but that you heard enough growing up that… well… just maybe….

So, what are your hometown’s stories?  What sort of ghosts, ghouls, and serial slaughterers did you grow up hearing about… real or not?  Post them to the comments section – I’d love to hear your stories.


Starting next week (either Friday or Saturday, I’m not quite sure which yet), pay a visit to  I’ve got a little something special that will be coming there (and something even more special for Halloween itself.)


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