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The Catholic church has declared that, unless changes are made in Washington D.C., it will have no choice but to suspend social services in that district.

Now, what changes does it want?  Does it want the city to evict any abortion providers there?  Does it feel that the city’s crime rates are evidence that their services aren’t doing anything, and they would be better applied elsewhere?  Does it feel that the politicians who work there are too sinful to service the district?

Nope!  What it wants changed is a proposed ordinance that would make it necessary for the Church to extend the same benefits to married gay employees that it does to married straight employees.

This ordinance would not make it necessary for the Church to perform or provide space for gay marriages.  It would only make it necessary for them to not discriminate against gay employees.  Employees.  They can feel free to sermonize against the evils of homosexuality all they want.  They can feel free to tell those employees, day in and day out, that they don’t deserve to have their relationships recognized, or to receive the blessings of the Lord.  They can feel free to bar their doors to gay couples who want to get married.

All they have to do is recognize gay married couples as having the same legal rights as straight ones.  Because it’s the law, and… well, they’re not that exempt from the law.

What was it that Christ said again?  Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s?  At any rate.

If they’re required to do this horrible, despicable thing, they’re going to cut off all services to D.C. charities, leaving thousands without support just as winter’s rolling in, because they simply can’t stomach the idea that the gay employees providing those services have the same legal, secular rights as the straight ones.

And they expect to win this fight.  Why?  Because they hope desperately that they can throw the blame on the politicians, instead of themselves.  The politicians, by taking the rights of the gays over the well-being of the homeless, those heartless bastards.  The gay community itself, for not backing down and asking the politicians to stop when the threat was made.  Everybody except the Church, at least in the eyes of the faithful.

They’re turning the homeless and needy of Washington D.C. into hostages, ladies and gentlemen.  Think about that for a minute.  “Do what I want, or I will do something you don’t want me to do that harms an innocent third party.”  What is that?  Hostage taking.  Extortion.

And if they do get away with it – which they just might – it will send a very, very dangerous message.  They will see that they can get away with all manner of similar stunts.

“This neighborhood is home to an abortion provider.  We’re outta here – we’re pulling a Lot, and not even looking back to make sure the Lord will smite you, ’cause we know he will.”

“This state recognizes gay marriages.  We simply cannot, in good faith, provide services in Iowa anymore.  The faithful may still enter, for to do otherwise would be contrary to God’s will, but the doors of the church are otherwise barred.  So sorry – blame your politicians.  Connecticut too, by the way.  We’re just packing up and moving to Maine.  Anybody who voted in support of it?  Welcome to excommunication, and GTFO.”

They can’t get away with this.  Yeah, everybody on the outside who hears about this think it’s ridiculous, but the people inside who are true believers… many of them will probably accept that this is a Sodom and Gomorrah situation, and the Church’s judgment.  I really hope they don’t, and believe that eventually this sort of jackassery will result in a schism of substantial proportions.  Already, the attitude of organized Christian churches in general is driving many otherwise faithful individuals away from the churches, Catholic or otherwise.  Eventually, they’re going to have to split up… or they’re going to cause a new Reformation.

Can’t wait for that to happen, as long as there’s not as much burning of villages in the process.



  1. H. o'Dagg said,

    Not that above the law??? Just look at the history of the Church for the last 1500+ years and try to say that without laughing.

    As I recall The Christos said a few other things as well. Seems to me there was somthing about “where two or more are gathered together in My name, there I am in the midst of them.” or something like that. And lets not forget “Whatsoever you do to the LEAST of these my children,you do unto me also.

    Looks kinda like a LOT of Christians, not just Catholics, should be just a wee bit more concerned over their own actions,or lack of them, than over anything the person next to them is doing.

    • wolfemann said,

      I was referring to the fact that in *this* day and age – and country – they’re not. They don’t get to completely throw the law out the window just because they’re The Church anymore. Attempts to act otherwise aside, it just doesn’t work that way unless they can cover it up (I’d still like to see folks bring the Church to suit for certain priests being reassigned despite known… ‘issues.’) I know it’s hard to adjust to, but they really need to get the damn memo.

      • H. o'Dagg said,

        I’m afraid that the only way they’ll “get it” is if it’s attatched to a BFH that hits them right where it hurts, the pocket book.

  2. H. o'Dagg said,

    Almost missed this.

    Eventually, they’re going to have to split up… or they’re going to cause a new Reformation.

    Hmmm. They don’t exclude each other you know. BTW, As I recall, the American Catholic Church is much more GLBT friendly. I might be off base on that though, it’s been years since ourpaths crossed.

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