Wisconsin was properly prepared!

September 28, 2010 at 9:05 pm (Politics) (, , , )

I work in Madison, WI. Today, on my way home from work, I noticed six dump trucks, empty, parked along the side of the major artery that leads out of the city. As this was causing a little bit of extra congestion, I was wondering what the heck was going on.

Okay, I wasn’t using language that polite, but allow for a *little* poetic license, please? This is a family-friendly post, after all.

Then I remembered the six (six!) police cars parked off the road at the end of the block near my workplace, which is the major route leading from that traffic artery to the capitol.

And the three parked at the entrance/exit ramps to that route. And the indicators of even more parked closer and closer to the capitol.

And then I remembered the folks are work talking about the President coming to give a speech at that capitol building. And it all became perfectly clear!

They figured they’d need the six dump trucks to haul off the bullshit when he was done! It all makes sense!

I keed, I keed… sort of.

Before anybody accuses me of being a Republican stooge, allow me to say that I plan on voting for at least one Democrat in the coming election, assuming he doesn’t say something that royally screws up my respect for him before then. And that’d take a lot, since we’re talking about the respect earned by being the only person who stood up to the PATRIOT Act, something I’ve covered before.

I’ll also probably end up voting for a Republican or two, though I tend to vote Libertarian when I have the chance….

No, not librarian, Libertarian. You know, the people who profess to believe that the Founding Fathers did a pretty good job when they wrote that 10th Amendment thing, and that the government should stay the Hell out of peoples’ lives unless they give the government a reason to get involved, like actively hurting somebody else.

At least that’s my interpretation of the ideology.

Now, back to the topic… Obama’s visit to Wisconsin!

He had a few interesting things to say, didn’t he?

Yeah… I guess he did!

That’s right.

The liberals? They’re not demotivated because they voted for Hope and Change, only to find out that apparently change meant “more state secrets privileges, more wiretaps, the CIA can assassinate US citizens, and expanded Special Rendition privileges,” and that hope meant “hope you don’t notice all of that.”

They’re not demotivated because they gave the Democrats a majority that could pass whatever they wanted with the mere requirement of having to listen to the Republicans bitch until their lungs got sore (and hey, most of them are old – how long could it take?!?) only to see them not stand up for a single significant issue.

They’re not demotivated because they somehow thought that electing a superstar Chicago politician would mean an end to business as usual politics – only to find that Chicago politicians practically taught Washington what business as usual was.

They’re not demotivated because they’ve seen the administration waste its time trying to affect massive changes, only to settle for relatively tiny ones after wasting large amounts of political capital, while ignoring the smaller changes that could lead up to the bigger ones later on.

They’re not demotivated because they’ve seen the world swooning over a man who hasn’t done a danged thing, giving away one of the most prestigious awards out there to that same man for the mere accomplishment of saying he wants to do great things.

They’re not demotivated by being told that the economy’s going to get better – but only if we stop digging our national fiscal grave with a shovel, and start digging it with expensive mining equipment.

They’re demotivated because they wanted too much.

And the Independent voters who made that massive “mandate” possible? They don’t really count, now do they?

Guess what, Dem’s – and Obama in particular – they do count. And they, along with the liberals you count on to make sure you get to keep filling the pork barrels, aren’t deserting you because they expected miracles, and they’re not getting them.

They’re deserting you because they expected things would be different – and they’re seeing that just because you turn the board around, you haven’t changed the game.

Take heart though. There’s at least some chance (one I’m praying for) that this won’t actually benefit the Republicans too much either – because I’m hoping that enough people out there will realize that putting the Repub’s back in power would only be turning the board back around yet again.

Of course, I also realize that that’s the absolute last thing you want to see happen. You’d rather see the House and Senate both go under Republican control than see the rise of the third parties.

Because as long as the same people are always the only ones playing the game, you know that nobody’s going to try and change the goal – lining your pockets and running the nation the way you see fit, Constitutional limits be damned.

As soon as a third, or even a fourth or fifth player starts to be involved, then you start having to worry that maybe somebody’s going to start calling shenanigans when you try to run roughshod over the nation. And they might start getting more popular than you are when the next elections come around.

And then you might have to actually come to terms with the one choice that makes you lay in bed awake at night.

Govern in the nation’s best interests, under the limitations presented in the Constitution, and let people run their own lives?

Or actually have to get a real job?


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